Website Basics

Keep it responsive!

Make sure that it fits correctly on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. Also make sure to check several different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) as some customization may not look the same on older versions.

Keep it simple!

Remember to keep your website simple, and easy to use, so your visitors do not get lost in clutter. Your website visitor wants to find information about you, and your business or organization quickly. So remember, keep it simple!

Keep it clean!

An overload of information, links, graphics, and text will overwhelm your visitor, and often drives them from your site. A clean website keeps the focus where you want it, instead of distracting your visitors from taking action. Don’t distract your visitors!

Keep it compelling!

What is it you ultimately want your visitor to do? Visit you, call for more information, send an email, make a donation? The call to action is the end result from a visit to your site. Keep it short and compelling!

Yahoo homepage is not clean, not simple and not compelling while Google homepage is clean, simple and compelling


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